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Battery Upgrade/Swap

We at EV Power have recently expanded our services and now provide customers throughout Ireland, UK and further a field with the opportunity to upgrade the battery pack. The battery within their vehicle can be upgraded to a larger size ultimately providing more miles and reducing range anxiety!


On a Nissan Leaf simply upgrading to a 30kWh pack can add an an additional 40 miles making a substantial difference on those longer journeys. Upgrading to a much larger 40kWh can more than double the range of the original 24kWh battery.

For a quote on upgrading or swapping your battery.

Contact us below:

Phone: (0044) 028 3083 9535 / (0044) 078 4314 3699


Battery Upgrade/Swap contact form:


Option 1: Door to Door Upgrade 

After having your car collected, it will be delivered to our premises where our trained professionals carry out the upgrade procedure. After completing our checks including a test drive the car will be returned to you.

This is the easiest process to upgrade your battery pack and without the inconvenience.

Option 2: Simple Upgrade

Get your car delivered to our workshop where our trained professionals will carry out the work on your car. A technician will perform some checks and a short test drive, before your car will be ready for collection.


That drive home will be much more enjoyable having those extra miles.

Option 3: Straight Swap 

Already purchased your own 30/40kWh battery for your Nissan Leaf? We can swap your old battery with the new one. We can offer to purchase your old battery, saving money on shipping costs and reducing the cost of upgrade or you can keep it for another project.

Note: our offer to purchase the battery depends on SOH after removal.

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