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End of the modern
ICE* age

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Don't be left in the ICE* age
ICE* = Internal combustion engine
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How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Most electric vehicle owners charge their car at home. Based on the UK average price of 14.40p and a 40kWh electric vehicle, the cost will be around £5.76 with a real-world range of approx. 150 miles. However using Economy 7 tariff and charging at night time, cost of running an electric car reduces greatly.

Click here for a more detailed info on cost of charging using different chargers. You can also see the range and battery size of different makes and models of electric cars here.

Types of charge points

The following table shows approximate figures of the speed electric cars can charge including the different types of chargers and their output power.


Click here for info on the different locations you find these type of chargers.

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